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Getting Your Bike Ready for Spring

If you’re like many of us, when the snow flies you hit the slopes. This leads to your bike stashed in the garage until the weather gets nice again. To help save you from having potential issues while out on your first rides of the season here are 4 key items you need to check before you head out. 

Start with a visual inspection of your bike. This is to make sure nothing looks out of place. Next we recommend checking all the bolts that can work loose. Starting with front rear quick release or through axels and make sure they tight. Then (if you feel comfortable) check your headset, stem bolts, cranks, pivots and derailleur hanger to make sure they are tight. We recommend using a torque wrench to check the bolts and tighten them to the proper torque spec because over tightening can cause more damage.

Second, inspect the tires. Make sure they are free of cracks and dry rot. If your tires are rotted or cracked this would be a good time to replace them. If you choose to not replace your tires, you run the risk of a catastrophic failure that may not be repairable and run the risk of injury. Once you have determined your tires are in good shape, then check the air pressure. Inflate to desired pressure, or manufacturer’s recommendations (often shown on sidewall). If your tires are set up tubeless and are not holding air you may need to add fresh sealant.

Third, check the air pressure in you suspension. A shock pump is required to accurately check the air pressure. You want to make sure that your suspension has either “your desired” amount of air pressure, or what the manufacturer recommends. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. If your suspension does not have the enough air pressure you could risk bottoming out or decreased pedaling efficiency. Too much and your bike will feel stiff and rigid.

Fourth, if you have any type of electronic shifting, or dropper posts make sure you charge it before you head out. It is a real bummer when you have to do your whole ride stuck in one gear or your dropper won’t go up and down.

If your bike has not been tuned up in a while this would be a good time to bring it by the shop to have service done. Also, this is not a “how to” document. It’s our recommendations of things to think about before you ride. If you need any help or have questions, feel free to reach out to any of our locations. We are here to help!