Rack-N-Roll Product Preview: Going Strapless

Jud and Jason from Rack-N-Roll.

Jud and Jason from Rack-N-Roll.

Although winter is not typically considered prime paddling season, it’s never a bad time to a find a better way to haul your boat to the water. This year, Rack n Roll is pleased to offer The LockRack.  The South African company provides one of the only rooftop boat carriers that doesn’t require the use of cumbersome, tangle-prone straps. No more climbing on tires, no more buckles banging the side of the car and no more figuring out what to do with all the leftover tie-down strapping.

The Universal X Water Craft Carrier design centers around padded adjustable arms that slide to match the width (50-65cm) of the boat/SUP/surfboard placed in the carrier. The arms lock into place with a proprietary key, of which 4 are provided. The base will mount to all popular crossbars including round, square, aero and factory. There is also hardware to track mount the unit, for a nice streamlined look.


We all know heaving a boat onto the roof of a vehicle is a bit of a hassle, and there are a dizzying amount of ways to do so. The good news is the LockRack has taken a bit of the frustration out of the equation – leaving more time to spend on the water…even if it is a bit frosty.

All the best,
Jason and Jud