Single Speed World Championships – The Race Report

Aaron and Max

Aaron and Max From Our Bend Westside Store
Give us the Low Down On An Epic Day

It isn’t very often that Single Speed World Championships takes place in your own backyard, so when Max and I heard that Bend would be this year’s host we knew that we couldn’t pass it up. Max had previous experience with SSWC, having participated in the annual event back in 2009 when the race was held in Durango Colorado, but my knowledge was limited mostly to stories and photos from years past. The race, half party and half competition, had been a Bucket List item for me for many years and I was looking forward to seeing it first-hand. In true SSWC fashion we both completed the very formal coloring book registration form (trying our best to keep our crayons in between the lines), stuffed it in a cash-filled envelope and dropped it in the mail box. All that was left to do was to strip the unnecessary surplus of gears off of our bikes and wait for October to roll around.

The day of the race was about as perfect as it could be: clear skies, crisp air and projected temperatures in the 70s. Max, myself and hundreds of our closest friends from all over the globe gathered in a parking lot outside of Northwest Crossing and awaited the 10:00am start time. After a short neutral rollout up Skyliners Road the mob of semi-costumed single speeders made a quick turn on a dirt road and onto a course that most of us had never ridden before. The next 40 miles were a mixture of long fireroads, flowy singletrack, cold beers and fresh bacon. To say that it was dusty would be an understatement, proved by the many gritty smiles at the finish line where Max and I crossed less than 10 minutes apart from one another. Many ‘Thanks’ to the race organizers, trail builders and support volunteers that helped make the event possible and that leave us asking, “So, where’s the race next year?”

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Max and Aaron
Hutch’s Bicycles, Westside Store

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